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Reproduction and Foaling

Dates: 5/11, 5/18, 5/25

Times: 3pm to 4pm

Price: $75 for the course

Horse Training

This is a three-week course that will cover how to work with horses from 3 months of age to 19-years-old. Students will learn different techniques that go into working with foals, 2-year-olds, middle aged, and older horses. In this class students will learn how to present themselves with calm assertiveness, maintain boundaries, and give/ receive respect from these amazing creatures.

               Kids: Tuesdays 9, 16, 23

               Teens: Thursdays 11, 18, 25

Times: 9am to 11am

Price: $75

Horse Development

This is a three-week course that will cover the growth of a horse from embryo to all the way to their golden years. Students will learn about the physical and psychological changes through the horse’s lifespan. At the ranch, we will have pregnant horses and horses from newborn to 19 years old for students to learn and observe first handed. 

               Kids: Tuesdays 11, 18, 25

               Teens: Thursdays 13, 20, 27

Times: 9am to 11am

Price: $75

Build your own Dream Ranch

This class is 3 hours filled with knowledge and fun! It will engage your child’s imagination and creativity by having them design their own dream ranch while learning about all the different aspects that go into owning/managing a ranch and more. Course material is catered to the appropriate age groups. Price covers all supplies and materials.

               Kids: Tuesday 6th

               Teens: Tuesday 13th

Times: 9am to 12 am

Price: $45


Craft Day

Come on out for three fun hours of making horse related crafts! Crafts will be catered to the different age groups. Pricing includes the supply fee.

Dates: June 7th, July 2nd and 30th, august 15th

 Kids: 8:30 to 11:30

Teens: 1 to 4

Price: $45

Horsing Around Game Camp

It’s Time to Play! Come on out to our Summer 2024 Horsing Around Game Camp. This camp will be from 9am to 2 pm. Lunch is included. In this camp students will play multiple un-mounted horse games including Live Action Horse-Opoly, relay races, and more!


Dates: June 21st, July 19th 

Times: 9am to 2pm

Price: $75

Riding Camp

Pull up your boot straps and come on out to TriStar Ranch for our Summer 2024 Riding Camp. This camp will be from 9am to 2pm. Lunch is included. Students will learn about the different riding disciplines, riding safety, horsemanship, identifying tack and how to tack up a horse, groom, and best of all ride horses! 

Dates For Kids: June 14th, July 12th, August 16th

  Times: 9am to 2pm

Dates For Teens: June 28th, July 26th

    Times: 9am to 2pm

    Price: $125

Riding Lessons


Equine Therapy Groups

Monthly Motherhood Group

Once a month TriStar Ranch hosts a Moms Group with the Motherhood Collective for
women to gather and meet other moms who are experiencing the same life challenges.
In this group you can find connection, community, support, friendship, a safe place to
share, and a much-needed break from the kids. During our groups you will be able to
see the parallels between our mom and baby horses and you and your kids. Mother’s …
from Humans to Horses … all across the universe share the wide range of changes,
feelings and challenges…many of which go unspoken and unshared. We offer this group
to give time and space for mothers to learn that our feelings and thoughts can be
related but don’t have to match, and practice self-love and grace.

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