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Veteran Programs

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (Individual and Family)

For the veterans who want to process and work on issues that have
arisen while in the service and after they are released from service.

Equine Assisted EMDR

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For the veterans that have PTSD who want to work on desensitizing their
extreme reactions from their PTSD.

Horsemanship Lessons or just one-on-one time with the horses

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For the veterans who were not interested in therapy, but want to be
around horses to find their still and calm or have the space to build a
bond with these incredible creatures.

Programs Offered in The Loving Memory of Adrian Royce Booy

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Why this program is so important to us?

I come from a military family and I have seen first-hand how PTSD effects
individuals and their families. My father was a Vietnam Veteran who suffered
with severe PTSD and the only time he was truly at peace was when he was
around animals. It blew my mind growing up how this explosive person could be
so still and calm when he was around animals, specifically dogs and horses. He
could just stand next to a horse petting it and put the horse to sleep. I saved
that picture in my head, and I want to give that still and calm to other veterans
who struggle with finding that.

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Give back to those who gave. For every $25 donated, a veteran will receive an equine

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